» What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the short term used for Electronic Commerce. This is the process used to buy, sell, distribute or market goods and services online. It is also used to transfer funds through the use of electronic communications or networks. Another name for Electronic Commerce is Online Commerce, Web commerce, eRetail, eBusiness, eTailing, ecommerce, e-tailing, eCommerce, e-commerce, ecom or EC.

» E-commerce and its Benefits

  • Increase Visibility through Search Engine Marketingdallas e-commerce
  • Promote your business online
  • Available 24/7/365 - Never Close
  • Helps Create New Relationship Opportunities
  • Increases Brand or Product Awareness
  • Helps Establish Customer Loyalty
  • Potential to Increase Overall Business Sales
  • Potential to Increase Company Profits
  • Potential to Decrease Some Costs
  • Expands Geographical or Customer Reach
  • Allows for Smaller Market or Niche Targeting
  • Allows for Easier Delivery of Information

» An Online Presence

An online E-commerce website is a great way to deliver and display information on your company and the products you sell. An online presence gives your customers direct access to company information, product information, promotions, specials, real time data and much more information day or night. An online presence not only benefits your customers, but you the merchant can also update your online store without having to worry about boxes and in-store display ads. Updating and creating a store has never been so easy.