организации одесса

Logo & Tag line

» Creating a professional image

Our Dallas team understands that business logos are not just for multi-national corporations! They're for any enterprise that wants to present a professional image and customer recognition for a job (otherwise known as branding).

Your logo works for you on your business cards, stationery for your company, invoices and receipts, your business' publications and of course ads. Make it your business' inscription on your yellow pages advertising, and the other of your business' vehicle. A good business logo design helps your customers remember your business and many people remember images better than they remember the words.

» Representation

Business logos should be simple. Simplistic logo designs are easily copied and facilitates clients to remember and recognize. Limit the number of colors in your business logo and a stay from the mud in the tone color or tone patterns.

The logo of your company must have some relevance to your business. For example, A Christmas tree shape with a lightning strike won't be effective for use with a business computer consulting company.



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